- Old Media To New

Is "Your Special Song" on a vinyl album or cassette tape? We will put it onto a CD for you, so you can play it any time without degrading your media.

Preserve and enjoy your family photos, videos and digital movies, and even your old vinyl albums for many years to come.

We take your old media and put it onto CDs and DVDs, so you can once again enjoy your favorite music, family movies, and photos.

Are your family photos sitting in a box in a closet somewhere? Send us photographs and we will scan them and put them securely onto CD or DVD, and even create digital scrapbooks, slideshows, or movies from your still shots. Preserve your memories and make them more accessible so you can enjoy them more easily. We can also create multiple CDs of photos you take for insurance purposes, so you can store them in several offsite locations in case of disaster.

VHS and video camcorder tapes wear out with time and use - send us your videos to copy onto DVDs for you. If you like, we can add background music to your movies!

For more information on our services and our affordable prices, please call us at (719) 686-5622 or email us at info@CopyYourStuff.com.

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